Edward Robert Bach





• Awards & Honors •

Hard to Be Me (TV Pilot)

Award of Merit (Leading Actor) • The Accolade

Best TV Pilot • New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

Best TV Pilot • Los Angeles International Independent Film Festival

Certificate of Excellence • SkyFest Film and Script Festival

Joseph and the Amazing technicolor Dreamcoat (Stage)

Best Cameo Performance in a Musical • Lofty Award


Performed at the Coca-Cola Stage • New York State Fair

Irene Ryan Award Nominee • American College Theatre Festival (The Kennedy Center)

WINNER - NYSSMA Gold Medal (Male Vocal Level 6)

WINNER - NYSSMA Gold Medal (Male Vocal Level 5)

Demo Reel

Featuring scenes from “Gift” (timecode: 0:10), “Hard to Be Me” (3:08), “Elle’s Spell” (5:26), “Acceptance” (6:25), and “Enemies of Love” (7:19).


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